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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Why Fashion Matters?

I am fascinated by fashion.   Regardless of whether it is exquisite or down right ugly, I am intrigued by the inspiration behind the idea for a design as well as the effort, talent and patience that it takes to actually create a garment. 

Fashion excites me because it is dynamic and ever changing. New styles seem to suddenly and mysteriously morph from current ones and fashion possibilities are limitless.  Yet, there is comfort in fashion’s cyclical nature. Seeing a recycled style from bygone years is like running across an old friend. It is a comfort to know that the styles you once loved wearing will be enjoyed all over again by a new generation of fashionistas.

I also revere fashion because of its relationship to the intangible, inner lives of individuals. Like eyes, clothes are “windows to the soul”. How a person puts an outfit together, the colors they choose and their signature style are like clues to a puzzle about who they really are on the inside. The fact that you rarely see two people dressed alike speaks to the fact that fashion informs us of one’s uniqueness.  Even though fashion trends can be frivolous, fashion as a means of self expression is not.  

Yet, it is daunting to consider fashion’s power. Experts say that what someone is wearing and how well they are put together is more important than what they say during a first encounter. Yes, the way you look greatly influences how others perceive you and is a critical factor in deciding whether to hire, date or befriend someone for example.  As it is said, we never have a second chance to make a first impression and it takes a great deal of effort to undue a negative one.

Should we be obsessed with materialism, fashion and looking good? Should we spend more than we can afford on clothes and buy clothes that we don’t need?  Absolutely not. However, our bodies do house us and showcase who we are as individuals. Just as we maintain our home and want it to have nice "curb appeal", it makes sense that we also care for our image and want to present ourselves in the best possible light.  I believe that there is a definite connection between looking your best and being your best each day.  

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  1. Hi Corey: I agree that fashion does not have to be expensive. Even an accessory or two can make all the difference in the world. As you have shown me, turquoise and lime green accessories can effortlessly (and inexpensively) add a splash to white jeans/white tee-shirt. Love it! Thanks.