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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Style Matters moves to a new home

There is a good reason why you haven't heard from me lately. I recently made a decision to move my image consulting and wardrobe styling business from Washington, DC to Greenville, SC. Thanks to the genius of an incredible website develoloper, Eileen Lonergan, I now have a website and blog that truly reflect my company's personality, mission and vision. Thanks to all of you who follow my blog, and I invite you to continue to read my postings at my new address. My goal is to continue to educate and inspire readers and be a vital voice for fashion in Greenville and the upstate South Carolina region. Starting in 2012, I will also write about  men's style as well as work with men on all of their wardrobe needs. My new website address is and my blog address is

Instead of a fashion thought, I  leave you with a life thought.  "Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become".

Sneak preview of my wonderful new website!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Holobi DRESbook revolutionizes wardrobe styling

If you’ve read my blog postings and followed me on Facebook and Twitter, you already know that I own an image consulting and wardrobe styling business called Style Matters. My primary location is Greenville, South Carolina, but my business also serves Washington, DC. You may not know that I am an independent stylist consultant and regional director for a company called Holobi. This company,  composed of personal stylists from across the country, is dedicated to changing people's lives by enhancing their image. Holobi comes from these two Greek root words, “holo” meaning complete and “bi”meaning life. The name Holobi means complete life. Holobi’s wholistic approach to style initially attracted me to them. Holobi believes that in order to live a complete life, one must strive for personal excellence in every area, including image. Holobi's certified stylists help individuals discover their optimal image, one that projects authenticity, personal power and confidence. In my opinion, Holobi provides superior styling tools and resources for every fashion style and body type. The fact that Holobi moves beyond style and addresses body image and personal empowerment makes me especially proud to be affiliated with this visionary company.
Holobi has just launched a personalized and private online wardrobe styling service. Now individuals can receive expert personalized style advice and wardrobe recommendations by merely clicking a mouse. This revolutionary service opens up new horizons for me as well.  The DRESbook provides me the incredible opportunity to work with women around the globe. My adrenaline surges  just thinking about this amazing prospect.     
Here is a personal message and more details about the DRESbook from the founder and owner of Holobi.

Do you stare at the clothes in your closet each morning and can’t seem to find anything to wear? Are you constantly buying clothes that don't match your fashion style or flatter your figure? Holobi has the answer to your prayers.  My company developed a new online solution to make it easy to quickly find the clothes that make you look your best.  I am very excited about the launch of my new Holobi DRESbook. This is the first online personal styling shopping service where certified DRES stylists make clothing selections based on an individual's body shape, best colors and style.  The service is personalized, private and now available  for only $16.50 per month! DRESbook Members get to:
 • Create personalized preferences
 • Receive personalized style selections
• Save their favorite selections
• Develop a shopping list
• Log outfit photos for easy reference
• Have access to online consulting

To feel confident and look brilliant, start your free trial now. Your brilliant image is just a click away. 
Warmest Regards,
Margaret SpencerHolobi, LLC Founder & CEO
Creator of the DRES System

Find what fits at

Start your free trial now. 
Your brilliant image is only a click away.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Today's Fashion Affirmation

I am suited for excellence.

I understand the critical role that my image plays in my professional and personal relationships.  I take pride in my appearance and want to appear well groomed and polished at all times. My daily dressing “to do” list includes cleaning and pressing my clothes, and shining my shoes.  Each evening I plan what I will wear the next day, and lay out all my clothes and accessories. This habit helps to ease my morning ritual so that I start the day feeling calm and ready to make a winning impression on everyone I encounter throughout the day. My practice is rooted in the belief that a pleasing appearance represents personal power. By making an effort to look my best, I send a strong message that I am confident, capable and strive for excellence in all areas of my life.

Four fabulous 2011 jewelry trends

All eyes are on jewelry this fall as this ultimate accessory shares center stage with the latest clothing fashions.  Jewelry animates the wearer and delights the beholder. It also possesses the power to instantaneously transform a somber outfit into a sensational one.  Holobi  DRES System has created jewelry and accessory guidelines for each of the four body types and face shapes: diamond, emerald, sapphire and ruby. The team of Holobi independent stylist consultants will train individuals how to incorporate fabulous fall jewelry trends like the following into their wardrobe:
·       Feather’s Unfurled:  Exotic plumes in the form of cascading earrings, choker necklaces and brooches are certain to add “glam” to jeans as well as a LBD.  A feathered pin strategically placed on a lapel or at the waist draws attention to those areas.  Feathers appeal to dramatic dressers who enjoy making a statement with their clothes and accessories as well as Ethnic style personalities who favor a bohemian look. 
·        Pendant Power: This 1970’s iconic necklace has morphed into a thoroughly modern style.  Pendants come in all sizes and shapes this season. Designs include delicate filigree leaves, bejeweled Byzantine crosses and glass and bead pendants. Ethnic fashion styles will take to pendants made of natural elements like stone, bone and wood. Antique brass and semi precious stone pendants, on the other hand, inspire the romantics at heart.  Sapphire body types, whose hips are larger than their bust and shoulders, look smashing in bold “statement” pendants that rest at mid chest and highlight the décolleté.  Ruby body types, the opposite of sapphires, can sport longer pendant necklaces, provided that they are small busted. Rubies have broader shoulders and/or a larger bust compared to their narrower hips and thighs.
·       Metal Magic: Brass, silver, hematite and antique gold standout as this season’s most sought after metals. A single strand silver or gold necklace projects timeless elegance for those who prefer a conservative sheath dress or tailored suiting. The multi strand mixed metal designs infuse a pair of jeans and a simple tee-shirt with an edgy vibe, especially those with twisted strands and interwoven beading.  What better way to showcase mixed metals than by wearing an eclectic assortment of bangles or a turquoise cocktail ring set in gold and silver. Assorted stacked bracelets and rings work well on ruby body types because they extend the hip line and showcase the legs. The beauty of mixed metals is that they complement both warm and cool skin tones.
·        Welcome Back Chokers:  One just might find a long forgotten choker somewhere in the recesses of a jewelry armoire. This season’s hot style runs the gamut from woven designs with feathers and beads to sleek hammered silver minimalist collars. Chokers bring attention to the face, hair and eyes. They also suit petite women better than many of the popular oversized chunky necklaces. Since chokers rest at the base of the neck, they coexist nicely with a variety of tops including those with shawl collars, turtlenecks, peplum jackets with notched collars and oxford style blouses.
Frank Sinatra once crooned about “baubles, bangles (and), bright shiny beads” and their power to delight. This season’s array of jewelry options offers women the opportunity to take their personal style to new heights and add extra brilliance to their image.  As the song goes, “sparkles, spangles, your heart will sing….wearin’ baubles, bangles and beads”.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fashion's Night Out is a global style happening

On September 8, cities everywhere will partake of festivities to mark Fashion’s Night Out, and Belk department store leads the effort to bring this worldwide phenomenon to Greenville.  In 2009, Vogue Magazine, the Council of Fashion designers of America, NYC & Company and the City of New York joined forces to create an event that would simultaneously showcase fashion and help grow the economy. This collaboration resulted in an event called Fashion’s Night Out that now has become the style party of the year.  As the press release states, Belk will host Fashion’s Night Out with southern grace and hospitality in twenty five stores. One can expect a sampling of culinary delights along with a full menu of fashion, the real treat of the evening.  Guests will glimpse the following three prominent fashion trends as coined by Arlene Goldstein, Vice President of Trend Merchandising and Fashion Direction: classic charm, smart cuts and high country. At the event, shoppers can purchase on trend fall essentials and accessories that will breathe new life into last year’s wardrobe.
As a way of saying thanks for shopping, Belk has a memorable gift for everyone who spends $75 or more on merchandise during the evening. The gift of a personalized monogrammed silver compact salutes individual style and promotes Belk’s seasonal theme of “Hello Beautiful”. Shoppers may also register to win airfare and hotel accommodations for two to the world renowned Clarins spa in New York City, home of Fashion’s Night Out.
On September 8, usher in Fashion's Night Out at Haywood Mall from 5:00 - 8:30, and enjoy a night full of exciting style surprises. For more information, go to or follow the event on Facebook and Twitter(@fnonyc,#FNO).
Eileen Fisher turtleneck poncho and stretch crepe slim pant
Belk, Inc. describes this as trend as "Smart Cuts"

Fall 2011 Fashion Trends

Cooler morning temperatures here in Greenville, South Carolina signal autumn’s rapid approach.  At this same time each summer, fashion thoughts naturally turn from sundresses to sweaters.  The large crowds at Haywood Mall in recent days suggest that folks have already begun their quest for new fall attire. The experts, who keep their fingers on the pulse of fashion, identify the following as top fall trends:
1.    1960’s sensibilities: The new limited edition “Mad Men” line for men and women at Haywood Mall’s Banana Republic store exemplifies a return to the elegance and sartorial skill that epitomized this decade. According to the store’s Customer Experience Manager, Robert Izquierdo, the buzz word for menswear this fall is narrow. Tapered suit jackets combined with thinner lapels create an overall streamlined effect. This minimizing trend continues in suit pants without pleats that fit slimmer through the thighs and legs. Vests and thinner ties further contour the torso. The store presents a visual feast of women’s fashions from sheath dresses to suiting with feminine flourishes, and chiffon blouses in soft lavender and mauve. Cardigans and jackets that graze the hips, as well as princess style dresses in autumnal prints, both showcase and slenderize the waist. The Hoss Intropia line at SavVy boutique on Augusta Street, also embodies characteristics of 1960’s designs, such as demure dresses in rich fabrics. The metallic fitted cocktail dress with a window pane cutout at the neckline and a dainty bow accent stands out as the collection’s show stopper. The only accessory needed with this stellar frock is a martini in a frosted glass. In keeping with the spirit of the 60’s, SavVy sells a matching bolero jacket that can be worn with the dress or by itself.
2.    Flashbacks from the 1970’s: Suzanne Guymon, Dillard’s Fashion Communication Director, sees a resurgence of the quintessential styles of the 1970’s, such as high waist, flared legged pants and jumpsuits. Another born again signature look from this decade is the bow neck blouse that finishes any suit or pencil skirt. Bohemian chic, a consistent influence in the past several years, comes on even stronger this fall in the form of maxi skirts, fringed vests and multi colored peasant blouses paired with wide cinch belts. Now Boho fans can rev up their look by purchasing Joe’s Visionarie flare leg jean with a long fringed Matty M tunic vest at Dillard’s online.
3.    The sporting life: Classic American sportswear symbolizes simplicity, comfort and a casual lifestyle. Arlene Goldstein, Belk’s Vice President of Trend Merchandising and Fashion Direction, describes this fall phenomenon as “high country”. Distinctive features of this trend include traditional plaids and checks, stripped sweaters, utility jackets, lush wool sweaters, and tweeds. The iconic designs of Ralph Lauren represent American sportswear at its best, and Belk is one of the local retailers that carry his collection.  The Blanca crewneck logo tee in autumn red looks striking underneath the Audey Shawl collar camel sweater vest with a distinctive hardware closure. Both pieces are available at Belk online.
Cable knit cardigans for men and women exemplify the classic casual trend.  Augusta Twenty’s blog “a propos” features an open front shawl collar long cardigan in oatmeal by Vince as a pick of the week, and includes it as a fall “must have”. This multi-purpose sweater not only oozes sophistication, but it is an ideal coat substitute in Greenville’s moderate climate.
This fall’s exciting array of clothing options offers something for just about every style personality. 

Hoss Intropia metallic cocktail dress and matching bolero jacket from Spain

1960's style metallic cocktail dress from the Hoss Intropia line

Jones of New York sequin collar sweater and lace skirt

Saturday, August 13, 2011

How to Dress for a Job Interview

In today’s economy, individuals need more than a strong resume to land a job. Employers consider a number of critical factors when making hiring decisions, and appearance is one of them. Both business professionals and style experts offered the following tips on how to dress to impress any interviewer:
·      Do your research: Individuals should determine an industry’s standard for attire and then dress accordingly. It pays to ask questions; observe what employees are wearing, and read as much as possible on appropriate workplace attire.
·      Stick to the b.e.s.t. (basic-elegant-simple-tailored):  A candidate’s performance and not their appearance should take center stage Expressing one’s individuality through clothing, while encouraged, should never be done at the cost of appearing unprofessional, says Rachel Yeomans of The Working  Avoid bold prints, loud ties, strong perfume, oversized and excessive jewelry, and too much makeup. Generally, experts recommend wearing well fitting, tailored clothing in colors like tan, grey, black and navy. Investing in good shoes is a must. An attractive watch and a sleek briefcase or proper handbag help to achieve a polished look from head to toe.  The beauty of a classic look is that one can can modernize and add personal flair to it by adding a few tasteful accents, such as a subtle print silk blouse, scarf or understated jewelry.
·     Suit up for success: Dress in formal business attire unless you receive instructions otherwise. This means a suit or trousers and a sport jacket with a tie, for men.  Men should wear oxford or loafer style shoes with dark socks. Acceptable formal business attire for women includes knee length or longer dresses, tailored suits (pants or skirt) or coordinating separates with closed toe shoes of medium heel height.
·     Groom yourself for a position:  Results of a national survey showed that the status of a candidate’s grooming makes a huge impression on an employer. Carefully pressed clothing and shined shoes score big with recruiters, as does nicely styled hair, white teeth and manicured nails.
·     Don’t be a saboteur: Many corporate cultures prohibit certain style trends such as tattoos, multiple ear and facial piercings, and revealing clothing because they believe that these practices are not aligned with the image that they wish to project. So, if you show up with uncovered tattoos, you may be immediately eliminated from consideration for a position.
·     A pleasing appearance projects power: A person’s appearance provides others with a snapshot of their self image. An impeccable presence displays self confidence, attention to detail and readiness to assume professional responsibilities. What is your image saying about you?

A positive image projects personal power.