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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's The Allure Of A Wide Brimmed Hat?

Fashion bloggers and stylists are really talking up wide brimmed hats. I've been on the fence about this hot millinery trend until I spied a luscious chocolate velour hat at a friend's consignment boutique on Sunday. Having not worn the broad brimmed style for many a moon, I had forgotten how it softens and adds fullness to angular, thin faces like mine. If that wasn't enough of a selling point, the hat made me feel so  daring and self possessed.

Of course I bought the hat and have had visions ever since of movie and television icons who carried off their wide brimmed chapeaus with incredible panache.  Faye Dunaway wore wide hats in the Thomas Crown Affair; Gene Tierney donned spectacular feather adorned ones, and Mod Squad's Peggy Lipton fought crime in her floppy suede number.

Hats off to my friend, Rafiah Jones, for turning me into a wide brimmed hat devotee. Her store, Clothesline, is located in Washington, DC, and it offers an eclectic collection of contemporary, classic, retro and vintage clothing, jewelry, shoes and handbags. The hat wasn't my only purchase. I also picked up a gorgeous pair of tall, buttery brown Papagallo boots in mint condition for a song. Clothesline is on Facebook (Clothesline-A Uniq Consignment Boutiq) and you can also contact the boutique by email:

Me In My New Hat and Boots
(scarf with pockets waiting to be adopted) 

The Wide Brimmed Hat Maven,  Faye Dunaway 

The Fabulous Gene Tierney

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