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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rethinking Your Wardrobe

When was the last time you looked into your closet when you weren’t totally focused on getting dressed in the morning or hanging up your clothes at night?  If you really studied its contents, maybe you would be surprised to discover that there are numerous clothing items in there that you don’t wear. If so, you aren't alone. Some experts say that individuals regularly wear only 20% of the clothes that they own.  If this is the case, then before you hit the mall for new spring clothes, try shopping in your closet first.

I hope that the following suggestions will help you rediscover your hidden clothing treasures and also expand your current wardrobe repertoire:

  1. Start your spring cleaning in your closet.  Give away or consign items that no longer fit you, don’t flatter you or you just don’t like.
  2. Arrange your closet first by clothing type such as pants, skirts and tops and then by color within each grouping.
  3. Look closely at the items that made the cut and are still in your closet. Begin thinking about what you already have or could purchase inexpensively that would go well with each piece.  Perhaps an eye catching accessory, such as a belt or a scarf, is all you need to breathe new life into a cardigan or top from several seasons ago.
  4. Give yourself permission to see your clothes with new eyes and be more daring about mixing and matching color palettes and styles.
  5. Intentionally uncouple suits and other separates that you always wear together. Take a suit jacket and try it on with another bottom, such as a flared skirt of a pair of dark wash denim trousers. Think about how you can change up the jacket by dressing it down or up even more. Wear it with leggings as weekend wear or a fancy dress for a special event.
  6. Create wardrobe capsules. This term refers to a group of clothes and accessory items that coordinate well together and can form a number of different outfits for different occasions. If you’ve ever gone on a vacation and had to pack lightly, then you’ve already applied this concept. You can build capsules by color (brown/beige) and by occasion (dress casual or weekend wear) or even by style (classic or dramatic).
  7. Once you get the knack of building capsules, you can also try your hand at what I call “cross capsuling”.  Haven’t you noticed that people are wearing more black and brown together? The fashion magazines are also touting blue and black as the hot new spring color combo. I’ve also just given you another example of cross capsuling a casual legging with a formal business jacket.
  8. Now you are ready to make a list of items to buy that would multiply the number of outfit options within each capsule or work in two or more of your capsules. Let’s say you have a navy and black capsule. You could shop for a multi-colored print top with navy and black in it, a pair of nude heels and a blue and black beaded necklace.
Do all of these ideas sound wonderful but you either just don’t know quite how to execute them or you feel like you need the guidance of a professional?  I am here to help you with all of your wardrobe needs and will take you step by step through the process of creating a sensational wardrobe that you love to wear! See my website Also visit for certified wardrobe stylists in your area.


  1. Some great ideas. My wardrobe definitely needs a clear out. I have no idea what is lurking at the back of it.

  2. Great post! I am in the process of cleaning my closet now. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Glad that you liked my suggestions and good luck with closet clean sweep!

  4. Excellent post- made me think more deeply about capsuling, something that I only do when away!

  5. wonderful post Corey! I loved your ideas. I really need to re-do my closet! It's a mess since I moved in with mom. It's still colored coded but I really need to do a seasonal sweep. I'm considering doing a plus size clothing swap with other plus size ladies as my next event (see the link i'll post below for example). What are your thoughts?

  6. Thanks so much Kirsten. I applaud your idea to do a plus size clothing swap. Recycling clothing makes sense for so many reasons. I checked out the site you referenced and it looks great. You also might want to visit This site was started by two women from Boston and it has evolved into an online swap shop. The website also gives you alot of help and information about how to put on your own swap.
    Keep me posted on your progress and best wishes.