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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Green Handbags Gone Glam

In 2003 Laura Jennekens underwent chemotherapy for breast cancer. She braided her cut off locks and attached them to a bandana which she wore until her new head of hair grew back. Out of this deeply personal experience, the seeds were sown for another recycling idea which took root when Laura met a talented seamstress named Vicky Gerke.  Together, these creative minds came upon the idea to take fabrics destined for landfills and design them into eco-conscious handbags, totes, diaper bags and laptop cases. They started Echoes in the Attic in 2005 and since then their Canadian born business has flourished. Echoes routinely rescues 500 pounds of landfill bound donated fabric scraps and samples every two weeks. The company’s products are sold in 100 independently owned eco-minded shops and boutiques in Canada. They also use professional home sewers, affectionately called “mompreneurs” and receive fabric donations from a host of manufacturers, such as Ethan Allen Furniture.

Each of Echoes in the Attic’s products is a unique gem. Their bags range from the “Tee Bag” made of recycled t-shirts, blouses, scarves and linen to the one of a kind “Purse-nickety Hipster” bag and the “Liberation Laptop Carrier”.  Echoes also sells an array of artful pillows. Laura, Vicky and their entire team are committed to the cause of “saving the planet one handbag at a time”. They also really love what they do.

Laura and Vicky’s motto is “Be an Advocate for responsible consumption…reap what we sew”.  You can find out more about Echoes and purchase their products by going to their website: or their Facebook page

Purse-nickety Hipster Bag
Hipster Mailbag

Tee Bag


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