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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Today's Fashion Affirmation

I accessorize artfully and thoughtfully.
Opportunities to express your individuality and creativity present themselves every day.  You could invent a new recipe, transform a room by adding touches of color to it, or write in your journal. Fashion provides another vehicle for self expression. When you wake up each morning, you can decide not only how you want to look, but what image and mood you hope to capture. Do you wish to project a powerful presence for an upcoming business presentation? Are you going for a chic and sophisticated appearance for your vacation to Italy? Dressing with intention and looking your best requires that you have the proper clothing essentials to suit your personality and lifestyle. Next, you need a host of accessories. Like icing on a cake, accessories are what help you to stand out and look finished. In addition, they are the personal touches that reveal your authentic style. If you have a bohemian streak, you can wear a head scarf and multiple bangle bracelets. On the other hand, a double strand pearl chocker may be exactly the right jewelry choice for your classic and traditional tastes.
Would you like to learn how to “take your outfits from ordinary to extraordinary”, and also gain the confidence to create a polished look from head to toe? The expert DRES stylists at Holobi are eager to assist you with all your accessory styling and personal wardrobe needs. Find a stylist near you by visiting  I am also a regional director for Holobi, and one of their independent Holobi consultants. You may either contact me at or cu@holobi/com             

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