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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Today's Fashion Affirmation

I stand tall in my clothes.

I strive to maintain good posture because I understand that the way in which I carry myself affects my health and well being. When I stand up straight, I am perfectly aligned from my head to my toes. My spine is supported, there is less stress on my joints and muscles, and my internal organs have enough room to perform optimally. Like a highly efficient machine, I move gracefully and effortlessly.
When I keep my head up, pull my shoulders back and open my chest, I command a strong presence in the world. My straight carriage changes everything about my appearance. I stand out, look proud and appear more confident. I am stylish and stately in my clothes, which fit as if they were custom made. People often compliment me on my appearance.
I know that good posture is a habit. When I find myself slouching and shrinking, I know that I can reverse this tendency through awareness and practice. When I pass by a mirror or see my reflection anywhere, I check out my posture and immediately make the corrections that are needed. I also regularly do a quick body scan, especially when I am sitting or standing for long periods of time. If I’m slumping, I focus on what that feels like, and I also experience the reverse sensation of filling out my frame.  The difference is unmistakable. Every day I choose to stand tall for my spine, my health and myself!

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